We are a non-profit organization and work on Economic and Social Justice, Environmental Protection, Education and Animal Welfare issues.

We aim to demonstrate, in a constructive and detailed manner, different environmentally friendly ways of dealing with and reducing the footprints we each leave behind every day.  We help create alternative ways for people to make a living which are healthy, just and in harmony with the environment. 

We envision a world where our health, and the health of the planet, weigh as much as making a profit. 

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SDC - sustainability in a nutshell



            At our Experimental Integrated 112-acre Farm, learning about how to grow safe, delicious, and nutritious food brings together families and community members with an appreciation for the food we eat. By choosing to produce and eat organic food, we no longer eat food that is laden with chemicals that make us, our land, and our water unhealthy. In addition, humane animal husbandry is practiced and demonstrated.  

             Economic and Social Justice is practiced continuously through the various initiatives of the Center. One of its most successful efforts is the Guacimal's Farmer's market which has been open every Saturday since 2014.  It provides free space for any local to come and sell their products.  It is also a space for healthy family fun, good food and live marimba music to keep the traditions alive and to build a strong social fabric.   

            We have been actively supporting the community’s opposition to a plan to divert the water from the Veracruz River for a large-scale not sustainable and environmentally damaging agricultural project. With the help of university students and their professors, community members, and many others, we as a community prepared a legal appeal that made it all the way to the Supreme Court. Today, we continue to help organize to protect our river and to influence public policy.

              Another way we promote sustainable relationships between people and the environment is through community-based rural tourism. We encourage vistors to engage with the places they visit in ways that are in harmony with the environment. Our guests have the opportunity to help feed chickens, pigs, and other farm animals, getting a hands-on perspective about why it is important to raise animals in a humane and healthy way. Hiking through the forest and swimming in the river help people to reconnect with the world they live in and reflect about how our day-to-day choices impact our planet.

              At the heart of sustainability is how we influence one another using thoughts, words and actions that match our vision, as the most powerful point of action is ourselves. We strive to focus on what we want to see flourish in our own lives and in the world and be that change we want to see happen, through our own learning and sharing with others.