Our Team 

Our team consists of the following people and entities:

Veronica Sheehan
Co-Director, AguaVida
Director, Sustainability Demonstration Center

Dr. Thomas Shahady
Co-Director, AguaVida
Director, Water Quality Center
Professor, University of Lynchburg

Kathleen Knight
Coordinator, AguaVida
Administrator, Sustainability Demonstration Center

Dr. Carlos Guidon, 
Conservation Biology Researcher, AguaVida
Professor, Mount Holyoke College
Adjunct Professor, Duke University

Dr. Meyer Guevara Mora
Researcher, AguaVida
Professor, National University of Costa Rica

Our Network

Water Quality Center

FECON (Federación Ecologista)

University of Costa Rica’s Vice-rectory of Social Action

Join Us

If you are interested in joining our network of community-based scientists and social justice leaders, as either an individual or organization, please contact us!