Guacimal sits amidst mountains and rivers at an altitude of 508.00m/1666.67ft, according to This elevation gives us wonderful weather.  Not as hot as the beaches, nor as windy and rainy as the cloud forests in Monteverde.  We get sunshine almost every day of the year; great for birders or sun worshipers like me! During the rainy season which starts in mid-May and extends until mid-November, we get less sun; but almost it comes out almost every day, for at least a couple of hours  in the morning.  The rains begin in the afternoon and it rains most every day, with heavier rains during the months of October and September.  I love the rains as everything comes so alive.  It just makes it a little challenging to go to the nearby river, an activity that I enjoy very much.

It only takes 25 mins by car to Santa Elena, Monteverde, and the road is fully paved now!  Santa Elena is the heart of the Monteverde district.  It is a busy town.  You can find a myriad of restaurants, shops, banks/ATM’s, churches, entertainment, etc.  The actual town of Monteverde is another 5 mins past Santa Elena and it features two bilingual schools K-12 grade and it is the heart of the Quaker ex-pat settlement.

Guacimal also has Spanish only public schools, which give an authentic cultural and language immersion experience.  There are two small grocery stores well-stocked with the typical items Costaricans consume daily. You can request specialty items if needed.  Many of us consume products that people produce around here such as eggs, milk, cheese, fruits and veggies (though this is limited at times), beans, root vegetables, etc.  There are three restaurants/eateries, a soccer field, the Guacimal and Veracruz rivers to swim in, and many smaller streams to hike along and bathe in. People can also enjoy the nearby hot springs.   Biking is also a favorite sport as the roads are in good condition and the scenery quite beautiful.  We are part of the Bell Bird Biological Corridor and of the Pacific Hiking Trail which extends from Monteverde to the coast. Our town is at the base and neighbors the reserves of the Monteverde Cloud Forest, which is why we have abundant water sources.  There are several churches of various denominations. 

We are close to the two main airports.  It is 151 km to the Juan Santa Maria airport in Alajuela, and driving time according to Google Maps is a little less than 2 hours, but this depends on traffic. I make it in two hours if I leave really early in the morning.  To the Liberia airport is 120 Km with an approximate driving time 1 hour and 45 mins.  Both airports are reached via paved roads which are in good condition.  To the Puntarenas Ferry, it is 49 km and it takes one hour.  And to the closest beach, Playa Dona Ana, it is 40 km and it takes 46 mins. To the city of Puntarenas where you can conduct most business activities such as banking, legals, post office, etc,  it is 48 km, and it takes a little over 1 hr.