Housing options are varied and they range from acquiring property, to  renting a house, all the way to a combination of both (rent to buy), or neither.  We have three homes that can be rented (see our Stay tab) at our experimental farm Rancho el Rio.  We also will allow selected families/individuals to rent space for a trailer/mobile home at our 112-acre experimental farm.  The Sustainability Center also has housing available which is often reserved for staff and long-term volunteers.

Things are changing very quickly, and from my own experience, properties in Costa Rica, specially near a popular spot like Monteverde, keep going up in price.  So if you can afford it, it would be best to buy.  Reach out to us directly via our email for more information on properties for sale, financing options from owners, and other housing opportunities to fit your needs.  

Anyone can own property in Costa Rica.  You do not need to live here, nor be a resident. See our Immigration tab for more information