La Granja 5

ORIGINAL RIVERSIDE FARMHOUSE, 1 minute walk to the river, in a Birder's Paradise with over 100 bird species identified by certified guides:  La Granja is another slice of heaven that the owners of Rancho el Rio have just made available to guests.  
Situated right off the main road to San Jose (route 606), but nestled in the mountains, it is a 5 minute drive to grocery stores, banks, restaurants, etc. 

La Granja, Rancho el Rio, and Panorama sit on 112 acres of a unique combination between nature at its best and a farm with farm animals and crops.

You get it all: Over one mile of river front with natural pools,  forested trails,  mountains with beautiful ocean views, cattle pastures, orchards, and of course, lots of trees, such as palm/coconut, banana, plantain, noni, star fruit, bread fruit, oranges, grapefruit, lemons, passion fruit, mangoes, avocados, cashews...

Rancho El Rio 3La Granja is an original farm house, so it rustic. Our farm is organic, so there are some insects. It sits amidst gardens and tall fruit trees, with various types of fowl adorning the patios (they can be noisy at times), the antique home has the traditional tall ceilings, original wood and construction, and open spaces so you feel you are living as farmers lived many years ago, yet with all the amenities: telephone, internet, hot water shower, stove, fridge, fully equipped large kitchen, 2 bedrooms (full and twin beds in the style of bunk beds in each of the two bedrooms, living/dining room with a futon that sleeps two additional guests, towels and linens provided, 1 bathroom. There is a grill (we provide you with free wood for burning).  

​The weather is magnificent! It is warmer than Monteverde, but not as hot as the beach, so different wildlife can be seen there, such as howler monkeys, iguanas, geckos, salamanders, frogs, tons of birds (herons, birds of prey, parrots, egrets, song birds, toucans, etc.) At night you can build bon fires by the river and even camp there just for fun! 

La Granja 6There is a TON of things to do. You can help milk the cow, feed the chickens, geese,  turkeys, and fish and tend to and ride the horses, see the sheep, water buffaloes and oxen. The river itself provides hours of fun.  Children (and adults!) love to jump off rocks into natural pools and wade around looking at the fish and finding beautiful rocks and tiny creatures. During rainy season, river levels change and there may be times you can not get in the river. There are several traditional games, such as our home-made mechanical bull and other equestrian games.  Collecting and eating coyoles (tiny coconut-like fruits that you crack with rocks) and other fruits to make fruit drinks is quite popular too.   Night or daytime hikes by foot or on horse- back through the ranch and the surrounding town are a true delight. We have mountain bikes for rent for those who love cycling.