Panorama 7Panorama is our newest addition – a beautiful new construction with the large picturesque windows. The animals come up right to the fence for a tidbit of extra food – sheep, pigs, and more! You also get to see wildlife right from Panorama and the ranch property. You can enjoy the relaxing setting from the spacious wraparound, covered area around the house where you can relax in a hammock and enjoy a vibrant sunset.

Panorama is located on a 112-acre unique combination of nature and a farm with animals and crops. You get it all: the whole house, over one mile of river front with natural pools, forested trails, mountains with beautiful ocean views, cattle pastures, orchards, and of course, lots of trees, such as palm/coconut trees, bananas, plantains, noni, starfruit, breadfruit, oranges, grapefruit, lemons, passionfruit, mangoes, avocados, cashews, and more!

There are big picture windows in each bedroom so that you can enjoy the gorgeous views. There are no screens on windows, but there are mosquito nets for the bedrooms for any insects. 

Panorama 4

The middle bedroom has a bunkbed with a full on the bottom and twin on top (view of corn and garden). The other bedrooms each have a full bed. One bedroom has a view of the mountains. There is no closet space, but all of them have shelves and night tables. All of the hand-crafted wooden furniture is made from local, sustainably-harvested wood. 

There are rocking chairs inside and outside as well as hammocks outside where you can relax amidst this tropical paradise. Panorama is easily accessible from the road but far enough that you don’t hear the cars. There are trees throughout the property so you can see the wildlife. There are farm animals that may wander right up to the fenceline of the house. It is a great opportunity for interacting with them. At night, they retreat to the barn.

The weather is magnificent! It is warmer than Monteverde, but not as hot as the beach, so different wildlife can be seen there, such as howler monkeys, iguanas, geckos, salamanders, frogs, tons of Panorama 9birds (herons, birds of prey, parrots, egrets, song birds, toucans, etc.) At night you can build bon fires by the river and even camp there just for fun.

There is a TON of things to do. You can help milk the cow, feed the chickens, geese,  turkeys, and fish and tend to and ride the horses, see the sheep, water buffaloes and oxen. The river itself provides hours of fun.  Children (and adults!) love to jump off rocks into natural pools and wade around looking at the fish and finding beautiful rocks and tiny creatures. During rainy season, river levels change and there may be times you can not get in the river. There are several traditional games, such as our home-made mechanical bull and other equestrian games.  Collecting and eating coyoles (tiny coconut-like fruits that you crack with rocks) and other fruits to make fruit drinks is quite popular too.   Night or daytime hikes by foot or on horse- back through the ranch and the surrounding town are a true delight. We have mountain bikes for rent for those who love cycling.