knowledge exchange

To demonstrate is to educate - to inform others of possibilities and alternatives in achieving sustainability. We act on what we know, and we cannot work to secure viable futures and peaceful continuity of work and living for ourselves and for others if we lack the knowledge of how to do so. The Sustainability Demonstration Center hopes to collate the best ideas in sustainability and disseminate them locally and internationally through working with partners and collaborators who share this ambition. It includes conveying ways of sustaining and improving agriculture, local economies, working opportunities for women, and disseminating ideas about civil liberties and political participation. In this way, education is at the core of our ideals. 

Education, as it is said, is power, and diverse forms of empowerment - civic, economic, technological - derive from the intellectual empowerment that education offers. Our involvement in educating Costa Rican people and communities in this regard is a priority, but our approach consists in uniting this with educational opportunities for international native tree nurserystudents, particularly in the form of Study Abroad programs. These students can grow their understanding of important environmental and socioeconomic themes and problems by partaking in practical study experiences hosted by the Center. In turn, th s work acts as a contribution to the resources of skills, ideas, and in some circumstances physical means, with and by which people can become self-sufficient, and thus sustainable, in their work practices and way of life.