La Feria De Guacimal is Guacimal's Community Farmer's Market, and is supported by the SDC. Locals and visitors are invited to enjoy traditional marimba music; savour delicious locally-farmed organic produce - freshly-cooked by local women from the stove, or available to purchase, alongside souvenirs fashioned by local craftsmen, at a community trade stall; play bingo; and share the joy and energy of the local people who have persevered to keep it alive.

As a testament to its continued success, the Feria has been celebrated every Saturday since December 2014. In November of that year, the Sustainability Demonstration Center had hosted a meeting for members of the Guacimal community interested in establishing a fair where local products could be sold.  A month later, Feria de Guacimal celebrated its first day of life in what used to be Guacimal's bus station. At its inception, it had no electricity, no water, no furniture, and none of its own crockery - only a grand community will to stimulate the local economy. 

One of the crucial positive effects of the Feria is that it facilitates and promotes self-sustainability, encompassing sovereignty over food production and consumption. It provides a stable marketplace for local producers, incorporating over 20 families of the community. Significantly, in a socioeconomic context unfavourable to women, it puts local women in a position of control and authority to earn income fairly, on their own terms, and to the greater health of consumers and the environment.

Reaching further than its immediate economic, the benefits of this are manifold – mental, physical and social health of the community; a strengthened social fabric, environmental protection. The Feria also exists as a model and an incentive for other communities to animate themselves to do the same.

Visit us across from the Sustainability Demonstration Center, every Saturday from 10am to 5pm!

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