Comunicadoras Comunitarias para el Buen Vivir, supported by the Sustainability Demonstration Center and the Costa Rican Ministry of Culture and Youth, is a project which empowers women in the Province of Puntarenas to espouse topics important to them – such as human rights, the health of people and the environment, and women’s access to education and employment opportunities – through radio communication. The Comunicadoras are a collective of women learning how to express themselves through radio communication. The project focuses not only on the technical components of radio communication, but also on developing and communicating content that is relevant to community experiences. As Costa Rica's telecommunications laws enable monopolies to exist, the practice of community radio is an important part of not only inspiring discussion of important topics, but also in connecting communities through shared ideas and experiences. 

In our last exercise we spoke with Don Jose Maria-Gutierrez and Senor Hector Ferlini from the Alianza por una Vida Digna (Alliance for a Dignified Life) to discuss human rights and communication, free speech, tax justice and civil liberties; Dona Geraldina, community leader of Los Almendros, Limon, who told us about this rural community’s fight for rights over water, electricity and roads, among other things, and the work of the group La Pancha Carrasco; and Carlos Calderon Murillo, talented multi-instrumentalist, about traditional music and its cultural importance to towns and villages in Puntarenas province.

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