We want children to learn habits and ways of living that will bring them and the planet health.  This is why, we offer free programs to underpriviledged school children.  They too need to be on board and believe change is not only possible, but the only way to go. The program can be 6 or 8 hours or overnight.  Each program is geared to the learning level of the children.

Program Details

Every visit starts with an introduction and outline of the days schedule. Next there is a guided tour of the Center where the children will learn what we do at the center and why we do it. They will tour the main historical building, the grounds, including the animal sanctuary, and our neighboring organic farm.

We then provide an overview of the current sustainability, agricultural, community and environmental projects we have going on. We cater these sessions to the specific interests of your group and their ages. Areas we address are:

  • Growing food that makes us grow strong and healthy
  • Doing things we can do now and 100 years from now
  • Seeing the real world when we travel
  • Things we can do to protect our planet
  • How we can protect our water source

Next, 6 hour programs select one class or activity from below, while 8 hour programs select two. Each class/activity is hands on and is about two hours.


  • Vegetable gardening Seed selection,.preparing the dirt, planting. Emphasis on local food production without chemicals
  • Cheese-making Visit a neighboring dairy farm, milk a cow and learn about the life of a dairy farmer
  • Traditional sugar and candy making
    Why sugar can make us sick. Different kinds of sugar. Get to taste different products. (Minimum class size is required or a fee is charged -- please inquire).
  • Bee-keeping
    Visit an apiary and participate in getting and processing honey using traditional methods.
  • Farm to Table Cooking Class
    Learn to make tortillas and something to go with it...vegetarian option available
  • Crafting with Recycable and/or seeds
  • Dance
    Fun, fun, fun! Follow your teacher to the beat of the music and learn traditional dances of this region.