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We are very excited about the many hands-on, fun activities the children will be participating in and the ultimate goal to have the kids learn, have fun, but also develop loving attitudes towards Mother Nature and one another. 

Every day there will be morning field trips which include visits to various small local enterprises such as bee keeping, cheese-making, art galleries, organic farm, etc. There will be horse-back, farming, animal husbandry and much more.  The camp is bilingual and children will receive either Spanish or English classes (whichever is not their primary language).  Evenings will feature grilling and bonfires and the last night will end with camping overnight on our private nature preserve. We will spend a lot of time swimming and playing in the river and looking for all sorts of life forms in the forests and the river ecosystem.

The target age for children is 7 to 12, but exceptions can be made, depending on circumstance and level of maturity. The Camp is an opportunity for children from our community and yours to interact and get to know one another, thus closing the gap that can cause distrust and enmity around the world.  They will also get to know and appreciate all Mother Nature gives us and be more likely to engage to protect it. 



Horseback riding


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Learning how to make Costa Rican cheese



Relaxing time in the Tree House




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