We Are Looking For..

Self-initiated people who are passionate about community-based environmentalism, social justice, sustainability, and education. We want mature volunteers who are eager to embrace the values of service and come with the intention to give of their skills and talents to create a better world. Our volunteers become an active and integral part of our community.  

This is the perfect opportunity for either individuals, couples, or a family unit (including furry four-legged members) to work together to make a difference, as we welcome diverse sets of talents and passions to integrate into the work we do at the Center. 

We want people who feel compelled to work towards actively practicing love and compassion for people and the planet.

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How to Join Us:

1) Children's Expeditions Guide-  These"expeditions" take place in our farm and around our community in order for the children to be exposed to the natural and social environments, so they come to know, love and appreciate both. It also seeks to help children be aware of their own internal environment (their emotions, thoughts and feelings) and how this affects them and those around them.  The purpose is to offer opportunities for children to understand themselves and the world, how it all works and how they can use this understanding to become happy, healthy, collaborative human beings.  It is experience-based education. The guide works with the children from our intentional community.  Basic Spanish and English language skills are required as the program has both local Spanish-speaking and foreign English-speaking children.

2) Marketing and Ecotourism Hospitality –  As the main point of contact for visitors, you will contribute to creating a memorable experience through a professional, knowledgeable, efficient and accurate manner that adds value to the visitors’ understanding of environmental issues in Costa Rica. You will be actively involved in branding and marketing the Center, communicating with existing Center supporters, expanding our outreach network, liaising with visitors both in-person and online, and managing the WhatsApp Image 2019 12 13 at 155907 2rental cabin business which provides the funds to run all the free programs of the SDC. 

2) Audiovisual Communications –  We are looking for a volunteer with creative initiative and a passion for visual storytelling to create video media content to highlight the Center’s work. You will be responsible for developing content to feature Center initiatives and projects, managing a Center Youtube and Vimeo channel, coordinating communication of materials via social media, and providing a digital library of visual content. You may also have the opportunity to participate in podcast development and radiocommunications. 

3) Innovative Financial Specialist – This volunteer opportunity is well-suited for accounting professionals eager to help us to be effective environmental stewards through organizational financial viability. You will help the Center establish a more effective and efficient accounting system, manage transaction recording processes, support financial statements preparation and internal controls, and send monthly documents to Center’s accountant. 

4) Sustainability Support Volunteer – As a dynamic individual, you will support the various projects run by the Center and use your individual talents to develop new projects. You will be involved in project management, provide administrative support, and develop your own capacity to serve the community in creative and effective ways. We are looking for a volunteer who is flexible and eager to help out. 

5) Rancho El Río Farmhand Volunteer – We are looking for a volunteer to work on and develop new projects on our experimental sustainable organic farm, which supports our sustainable development and food security initiatives at the Center. You will practice your agricultural and animal husbandry skills through contributing to the production of locally-source organic products, maintenance of our completely organic farm, and development of unique projects which exhibit creative repeatable approaches to sustainable agriculture. Spanish language proficiency is required. 

For all volunteer positions, we encourage you to delve into your talents and passions! Our volunteers create meaningful experiences through contributing to the Center’s vision in uniquely individual ways that integrate past experiences and collaborative learning.

What You Get: 

You are invited into a supportive working environment in which you will experience community-based sustainability programs, a chance to practice and improve your Spanish, live in a lush, tropical riverside paradise, and immerse yourself in Costa Rican culture! You can hike through the forest by the Center, swim in the river to relax and connect with the natural world, participate in cultural activities, meet like-minded people, and experience the beauty of Costa Rica’s many destinations.  

We will accept volunteers for a minimum of 3 months. You will receive free lodging at the Sustainability Demonstration Center for the duration of your stay. As the Center is a non-profit, self-funded organization, volunteers are expected to contribute towards food and utilities. 

We do accept short-term volunteers. However, because we do take a great deal of time training and orienting each volunteer, short-term volunteers pay for their own room and board. Ask us for more details about the various projects that short-term volunteers are typically engaged in. 

To Apply: 

We have year-round openings, so please let us know when you are hoping to join us! We are happy to answer any questions – email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please send Veronica and Alex, the co-founders of the Sustainability Demonstration Center, an email to tell us about yourself, why you are interested in volunteering with us, and your experiences and interests that are relevant to the position. 

More Information About Us: 

Website: sustainablecostarica.org
Blog: sustainablecostarica.blogspot.com
Instagram: @sdccostarica
Video about the Center: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BN3SdOncMTU&feature=youtu.be